Happy 30th Anniversary! This year marks the 30th anniversary of the NWSA. Special thanks to Elmer and Joyce Hook for bringing this to our attention. Elmer and Joyce are active founding members of the NWSA. Along with a letter, they also mailed two photographs of the NWSA officers celebrating the first anniversary of the NWSA in 1976. A transcript of the letter follows:

To: NWSA officers and members

As this will be the 30th Anniversary of the NWSA, a couple of us “original plank members” from 1975 have looked back into our archives and felt we should pass along some information to current day members.

There was a contest to name the sailing organization during its first year, and that award went to Tom Leja, who has been deceased for many years. As you know, the Northwest Sailing Association (or NWSA) has continued to grow and prosper over these many years.

We are forwarding these photos and copy and hope that the board will see fit to use these in an upcoming Communique to remind all members of the past work and commitment that has led to the success of the NWSA today. (Note: Do not remember now how the newsletter was named the Communique.)

Elmer and Joyce Hook

Thank you Elmer and Joyce! You really started something great.