I sent a special thank you out to Dan Bochnovic who was our guest speaker for March from Crowley’s Yacht Yard. He provided some very informative information and is a great resource to have on hand for future information. He enjoyed speaking so much that he asked if he could come back later in the summer and discuss a different subject with the club. I hope everyone has enjoyed the speakers so far this year.

Our guest speaker for the April club meeting will be Alan Veenstra, from the Chicago Sailing Association. Alan will be presenting ”Mooring, Anchoring, and Docking.” I have seen Alan present in the past and I believe his talks are informative as well as interesting.

Thank you to all the club members that come to the presentations. I hope everyone walks away with new knowledge. The meetings are a good source of information for everyone.

—Wayne Smith

I feel that everyone would agree that Don from Battery Service Corporation in Bensenville, was a very informative speaker. I found it interesting that you can bring in any battery, drop it off and they will run a full series of battery performance tests that will give you the actual condition of your battery. This is far more than the load test you get from most battery retailers and auto parts stores and they do this for free, whether you buy a battery from them or not. There were a lot of questions, and I think it made everyone think of subjects that they may have not considered.

This month, our speakers will be former member Ed and former commodore Sally Ballinger. They will be speaking and showing pictures of their journey from Chicago to Florida. I believe that there are a lot of sailors (myself included) that one day want to experience the freedom that the live aboard lifestyle, and living off the grid can provide. I am looking forward to seeing their presentation. —Wayne Smith

I am looking forward to a great year for our club. The turnout at the Strictly Sail show was overwhelming and there was a lot of interest in our club. My goal for the year is to make the club better than when I started. I see my role as a servant and I am here for the membership and to see that the club grows and continues on for the next generation. If there is ever anything I can do for any members of the club, or if you have any ideas, feel free to contact me at anytime.

Our guest speaker for February will be Don Baker from Battery Service Corporation, and his subjects will cover battery replacements, advances in battery construction, battery charging, battery maintenance, types of batteries and he will answer all battery questions. This is a very topical subject with spring fast approaching and many of us are wondering if your battery is good for another year. if you would like you can take a look at their website https://www.batteryservice.com/

This is the time of the year that we are all thinking of touchups that our boats need and planning our March and April weekends to do the work needed to prepare for another year. And if you are anything like me, you are planning for a May launch, and for me that never happens. Well this year will be different and I hope we all get the most hours possible on our boats, and get out on the water and enjoy a great boating season.

“Sailboats are safest in the harbor, but that’s not why sailboats were built” —Wayne Smith

Sailboat KenoshaSail 2017 72ppi

I am a fairly new member to NWSA as I began attending meetings last year. I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the club and I will do the best I can to uphold the values and mission of the club.  

I have only owned a sailboat for 8 years, although I have been a boater all my life. My sailboats have always been in Monroe harbor.  I have alway felt that sailing is like life and should be about the journey and not the destination.

When sailing I really try to relax and make sure the crew and guests are relaxed as well. I have participated multiple times in the Badge ElginFireDeptrace to Mackinac, the Hook  and can races. I am currently a Lieutenant and Paramedic for the City of Elgin Fire Department, where I have worked for 24 years.

I am also the Water Rescue Team leader for the department, and have the responsibility of all water related activities including boats, rescue equipment, training and water rescue related policies for our division.

My hobbies include  coaching and playing ice hockey, playing music, motorcycle riding, snowmobiling and I work on automobiles in my shop on my days off. —Wayne Smith

About the only thing that didn't go wrong on our Fall Lake Mendota Sail is that no boats sank. That may be only because no boats ever got into the water. After several mainstays of our NWSA Trailer-Sailors group had to drop out due to family commitments, there remained one boat (me, John Morris) and we vowed to carry on. Then on the morning of the sail crucial crew member Ty Liles had to cancel and we postponed the event for 2 weeks.

Two weeks later a different crucial crew member (coincidentally also named Ty Liles!) suffered a serious bicycle accident and we had to cancel the event.

Look for this fun event on next year's NWSA sailing schedule, in case we manage to actually hold it! In the mean time -- --


-John Morris, 2017 Vice Commodore



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