"Rigging Joe Rittner's 25' MacGregor Bargello"on May 18, 2013

Credits to Skipper Joe Rittner and Crew Alisa Corsi, Les Mutz and Dave LeSueur. Photos by Larry Hagemann.

Joe prefers to do all the on deck work himself. It allows him freer movement and believes it is safer. Time was about an hour from start to splash. This is an important item for Cruise Captains to consider when timing their events. Trailer sailors know they need extra time and appreciate those crew who show up early to help.


Mast is on initial crutch support while gin pole with two lines is held taut by two crew.

Crew pulling and guiding mast as it is raised.

Raising mast with crew pulling on lines attached to gin pole.

Checking back stay.

Skipper checking shrouds and halyards.

Pushing mast forward as crew secures fore stay.

Disassembling gin pole.

Securing main sheet to the boom.

Flying NWSA burgees, Member-at-Large and past Commodore pennant with a spicy pirate flag.

Check out this link for more information about How to Step a Sailboat Mast.

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