NWSA Photo Contest

The photo contest is held every October during our club meeting, in place of a speaker. It's a great chance to show off your photographic chops and earn some bragging rights!


The Categories:

  • Old Salt
  • Best NWSA Group Shot
  • Best Under Sail
  • Best Scenic
  • Best Sunrise/Sunset
  • Best Blooper
  • Most Original Boat Name


  1. All photos must have been taken within the past year
  2. All photos must have been taken by the NWSA member submitting the shot
  3. All pictures must be 5 x 7 prints - if submitted digitally, keep in mind they will be shown as 5 x 7
  4. You can submit no more than two pictures per category
  5. You can't submit the same picture in multiple categories

How to Submit: There are several options to submit photos:

  1. Bring a hard copy of your photo to the meeting. This is ideal, as it gives you the chance to vote for yourself!
  2. Submit your photo in advance. If you only have the image as a hard copy, you can mail it to the Vice Commodore or drop it off at Wayne’s house. The directory lists his information.
  3. Email digital photos to our Vice Commodore at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Please contact Wayne to let him know that you did so.

Please include your name and the category you want the picture to be included in on the back of the photo.


All members at the October general membership meeting are given a ballot and asked to select their favorite picture from each category. The photographer remains anonymous until judging is complete. Winners will be announced in November and will receive an Amazon Gift Card.

Good Luck!!