How to Step a Sailboat Mast
By Erica Porter (Submitted by Peggy Draver)
Photos submitted by Larry Hagemann










  1. Check to make sure that the boat is stable prior to stepping the mast. The mast should be cradled in a stand, trailer or trolley. Make sure the front of the boat is pointed into the direction of the wind. This helps keep the whole structure from falling on its side once the sail is hoisted.
  2. Release the shrouds and forestay to start raising the sailboat mast. See to it that the shrouds are still attached on both ends, and that they are not entangled with other equipment or parts of your sailboat.
  3. Untie the mast from its stand, trailer or trolley. Set it up on its pre-raised position while you lay it right on top of your boat. Position the base right next to your mast step at the top of the boat cabin. The top end of the mast should be placed in your aft mast carrier.
  4. Connect the foot of the mast with the mast. Connect your mainsheet to the bow. Make sure you have just enough line in order to attach your boom to your mainsheet.
  5. Locate the high end of the sailboat's boom and connect it to your forestay. Get your mainsheet and attach it to the end of the forestay.
  6. Connect the front of the mast to your boom and check to make sure that the shrouds of the sailboat have been freed.

    Photos submitted by Larry Hagemann



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