Sailing Rating Scale: Choose the level that you are comfortable doing on a sailing event.


  1)    I have no sailing experience, but I want to learn.

  2)    I'm learning knots, parts of sailboat, points of sail and can helm sailboat with supervision.

  3)    I can handle halyards, sheets, winches, cleat lines, and tie basic knots-stopper, square, clove hitch and bowline.

  4)    I can trim sails, I know "Boating Rights of Way" and when/how to make a mayday call on VHF radio.

  5)    I can help in/out of slip or secure on/off mooring lines and set/weigh anchor.

  6)    I can helm, tack, jibe, heave to, reef sails and give instructions to crew.

  7)    I can helm a MOB person overboard recovery.

  8)    I can read and understand nautical charts and sail by compass, plot and record course using speed, time and heading with standardized notation.

  9)    I'm competent in heavy weather sailing and night sailing

10)    I can operate various marine electronics and engines and I'm experienced in all aspects of sailing solo.