Report: Waukegan Harbor Sail & 40th Anniversary Party

Waukegan Harbor Sail August 8, 2015

Cake NWSA40thSMThis Sail was associated with the NWSA 40th Anniversary Party and there was a good response indicating some 35 members and 7 boats would participate. Unfortunately, bad weather conditions Thursday on the Lake prevented 2 of the boats from sailing to Waukegan for the sail. Faced with more crew than the remaining 5 boats could accommodate, several of our members volunteered to forgo the sail so that others could participate.

My thanks to Peggy Draver, Larry Hagemann, Ty Lyles, Ardell Kidwell and Art Noel for this generous gesture. Peggy and Larry arrived early at the Buell home to assist Jan Buell and Asayo Horibe in preparations for the party. The 5 available boat skippers also accepted more crew than usual to accommodate those wanting to sail. The skippers and number accommodated were: Peter Schleck (8); Chuck Litgen (3); Hal Shanafield (8); George Anderson (5) and Don Buell (5).

BillGrilling NWSA40thSM

Nature cooperated and all boats reported that the sail was very pleasant. Wind was sufficiently brisk for good sailing speed and was off the land resulting In comfortably smooth waters. The majority of those sailing attended the Anniversary Party , joined by many other members who were not able to sail that day. Many thanks to those who provided food and beverages for the party and to Bill Draver for a marathon grilling performance.


Don Buell
Cruise Captain

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