Commodore's Corner: August 2017

Ahoy Sailors,

THE SAILING SEASON CONTINUES!ThreeBoatFlotilla 6in KenoshaSail 072217 025

This month I need to thank:

  1. Casey Bezec and Tony Campo, both past commodores, for providing their boats for the Kenosha sail. (See my write-up separately).
  2. Our Themed Sail team comprised of Chairman John Morris, Ken Butterly, John Pasch and Richard Reed.  The first two presentations at our June and July meetings were a great success.


I want to share with the newer sailors how I applied both John’s and Ken’s second lesson.

Because I am still a new boat owner and captain, with a little more experience, I decided not to reef the sail this past weekend because the winds were very manageable. I did however decide to practice the “heave to” maneuver. Because the first lesson covered basic points of sail and knot tying, they were reinforced as we sailed this weekend. I realize that they will continue to be applied every time we take the boat onto the water.

As you are attending sailing events, please remember to send pictures to both Gayle for the communique and Peggy for the website.

Our next scheduled meeting will be held on Monday, August 21, 2017 and our next Board Meeting will be held on Monday, August 14, 2017 at the Palatine Library.

The “Across the Lake” sail is getting a good response. We now have 13 sailors signed up but only 2 boats at this time. We will need another boat to participate to accommodate the crew who are looking to attend. Captains, please consider if you would be available over the Labor Day weekend to join us in this sail.

We are looking forward to getting all of our sails in for the coming month and having warm breezes and smooth water under our keel.

Fair winds and smooth sailing,

Bill Draver
2017 Commodore

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