Vice-Commodore Report: July 2017

I think June's membership meeting went quite well. All three speakers did great jobs, and deserve another round of applause. Many thanks also to Larry Makowski for offering to take two "newbies" out on his boat, "Sea Hawk" for further on-the-water experience. I also shepherded new member Ted McClintic through several brisk sailing experiences over the Lake Mendota weekend.

Our only disappointment was in the small number of members who stood up to proceed with on-the-water experience. Where was everybody? Next month, I hope?

For July I won't be able to make the meeting, and the program will be turned over to Ken Butterly and John Pasch, for a lot more good stuff on sail trim, control, and maneuvering, plus a bit of good rules-of-the-road info. If you are among our many recent new members who isn't quite sure how all this stuff works:
"What's a leeward boat?"
"What's the difference between a tack and a gybe, anyway?"
You NEED to be at our July meeting, and then aboard one of our willing skippers' boats, learning and practicing the skills of wind-ship seamanship.

Confucius said:
"If I hear, I forget;
if I see, I remember;
if I do, I understand."

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