Vice-Commodore Report: October 2017

Our program for the October membership meeting will be our annual Photo Contest (a formal statement of the Rules appears elsewhere in this Communique') -- PLUS, a bonus feature: We will have the projector running any sailing-oriented videos any member brings. Can be DVD or flash drive, as long as we can get it into the computer to run it. By now I certainly hope you've got your "home movies" ready!

We almost had a Sail at Lake Mendota on the weekend of 22 - 24 Sept, but last-minute problems from at least two participants (including yours truly) forced postponing it two weeks. So -- we're STILL looking forward to our fall Lake Mendota Sail, now scheduled for Oct. 6 - 8. If you'd like to participate, for any part of the weekend (three-day commitment is NOT required) PLEASE get in touch with me by e-mail NOW. (If this doesn't get out until too late, I'm sorry, but we tried.)

See ya at the meeting!
John Morris, 2017 V Commodore

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