Racine Sail – September 16

Eight members (George Andersson, Chuck Litgen, Mike Saavedra, Larry and Linda Gulotta and Ty Liles) enjoyed a beautiful day of sailing and a fine shrimp-boil meal later as guests of the Racine Yacht Club.

The day started on somewhat of a disappointing note as Bill and Peggy Draver's mighty Kurplunk could not escape the grasp of the weeds that choked portions of Kenosha's South Point Marina. They later joined everyone for dinner.

George and Ty motored September Song to Racine in time for the 10:30 AM departure and were joined by the rest of the crew. RacineSail2017 3Winds at 15 knots from the southeast and the accompanying 3 foot swell provided plenty of action with the occasional wave crashing on the bow. By the end of the day, winds subsided to 9 knots.

We saw a few swift sailboats headed to Racine flying their colorful spinnaker sails. A beautiful evening accompanied the fine shrimp boil dinner. For those members familiar with RYC, the nearby beach was busy with bathers.

If you missed this event, then I encourage you to attend next season as it is one of the better sails. A big "thank you" goes to George Andersson as his new September Song was the only participating boat.


Ty Liles
Cruise Captain


RacineSail2017 1RacineSail2017 2

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