Vice-Commodore Report: Nov/Dec 2017

About the only thing that didn't go wrong on our Fall Lake Mendota Sail is that no boats sank. That may be only because no boats ever got into the water. After several mainstays of our NWSA Trailer-Sailors group had to drop out due to family commitments, there remained one boat (me, John Morris) and we vowed to carry on. Then on the morning of the sail crucial crew member Ty Liles had to cancel and we postponed the event for 2 weeks.

Two weeks later a different crucial crew member (coincidentally also named Ty Liles!) suffered a serious bicycle accident and we had to cancel the event.

Look for this fun event on next year's NWSA sailing schedule, in case we manage to actually hold it! In the mean time -- --


-John Morris, 2017 Vice Commodore


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