Fleet Captain Report: February 2018

Ahoy sailors!!! We had a wonderful time at the Boat, RV and Strictly Sail show at McCormick Place this year, and we had a least 110 people sign up at our booth to get our Communique newsletter to learn more about what our club is like.

This year we’re going to try something we’ve never done before, at least since I joined the club 11 years ago. On February 17 we’re going to have a special meeting of all the club boat owners that are either new members or members of our club last year to discuss their preferences in planning the 2018 sailing season. This is in effort to best accommodate the NWSA skipper’s preferences in the sailing schedule.

With this issue, I’ve submitted a tentative Sailing Schedule of about 22 events as a starting place to plan for our season but our final season’s schedule might end up looking somewhat, or even very different. The meeting will occur only 2 days before the general meeting held on Monday, February 19th. At the general meeting I will be looking for Cruise Captains to organize each event. I usually encourage non-boat owners to volunteer for this role, as boat owners have plenty of other responsibilities all season long with owning a boat. It is also a good way for non-boat owners to contribute to the club in a very vital and important way, so fellow club members, please be prepared to step up and volunteer as cruise captain for one of the events at our next meeting!!!!

See you at the upcoming meetings, and fair winds!!!!! —Mike Saavedra

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