Fleet Captain Report: March 2018

We had a very productive and informative meeting among the club boat owners on Feb 17. As a result we were able to confirm what most of the captains’ preferences were for our 2018 sailing schedule. A confirmed sailing schedule will be included in this Communique. So far we have about 14 Confirmed Events. By discussing what will and will not work we’ve come to realize some very important conclusions about both our trailer sailing interests as well as our interests about sailing on Lake Michigan.

There are a number of Proposed Events that are still being looked into so that we can be assured of boat owners’ availability and desire to participate. Some of the events that we would like to make a sailing event out of first need to be confirmed that they will even take place.

Trailer Sails

So far we have 4 confirmed sails that are trailer sails::
1) The Sailstice at Lake Mendota in June, 2) The Door County sail at the end of July, 3) The Green Lake sail in mid-August, and 4) The Lake Mendota Fall sail in September. There are many Lake Michigan sails that are also open to trailerable boats.

Our first trailer sail is usually up at Lake Geneva in mid to late May, but at the meeting we came to the conclusion that that seems to be too early because the weather is often still too cold and/or rainy and so the sail ends up being cancelled. So now we’re thinking early June would be a better idea. Also, several of our captains with trailerable boats find that doing a one day sail is a lot of work rigging and then de-rigging their boat for just one day, so we’re looking into having a trailer sail for a whole weekend and possibly mooring boats overnight at George Williams College.

It’s confirmed that we’ll have a Fathers’ Day Picnic at Waukegan Harbor as Hal Shanafield has reserved a nice pavilion there from 10am to 2pm with grills available. Hal is still looking into making it a sail if he can get boats. Please let Hal Know If you can bring a boat to this event.

The next proposed trailer sail is to Lake Winnebago in July, possibly July 7-8, since the club doesn’t have any events planned that weekend. Hal Shanafield says Lake Winnebago is about 5 hours away, but that it’s a really nice place. Please let Hal know if you are interested in bringing a boat to this sail.


Finally, the last additional proposed trailer sail is back at Lake Geneva for the “Fall Colors sail” that we traditionally wind up the season with. Marc Holdwick suggested Oct 20. Marc is willing to be cruise captain for this event, but we need to find boats for the event. Please let Marc know if you can bring a boat to this sail.

Lake Michigan Sails

So far we have 11 confirmed and 3 proposed Lake Michigan sails. The first proposed sail is a Lake Michigan West Coast sail on August 11-12. Many captains were in agreement to sail up to Port Washington. The West Coast sail would involve captains sailing from Chicago up north to meet up with Waukegan boats. Those boats would then progress north to Kenosha where still other captains would join the sail until they reach Port Washington. The captains are planning to meet together and discuss the sail further at a later point in time.

The second proposed Lake Michigan sail was to sail across the lake over the Labor Day weekend on September 1-3. At least 6 captains are interested. Those captains will meet to develop a sailing plan and will report back with details.

Finally, the last Lake Michigan sail proposed is to sail out of Racine Harbor on Saturday September 15th and then join the Racine Yacht Club for a Shrimp Boil dinner that evening. It’s not confirmed that the dinner will take place on that day if at all. Bill Draver will check into it.

Please look over the 2018 Confirmed Sailing Schedule Events and let me know if you would be able to be a cruise captain, or even a co-cruise captain for one of this year’s events. Having cruise captains for each and every one of our events is vital to how our club functions, and is a great way to give back to the club, especially if you’re not a boat owner.

Fair winds and calm seas!!!! —Mike Saavedra

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