Confirmed 2018 Sailing Schedule

LakeGeneva 1 Rittner


June 9

All harbor “Shake-down” sail

-this “sail” will not have a cruise captain

This is an “open sail” weekend for captains to recruit NWSA crew to help them get their boat ready and sailed to their respective harbors. Captains should create their own event by using the “Create an Event” button on the web site.

June 16

Montrose Ed Gans Memorial sail

-Need a cruise captain


Lake Michigan opener for Chicago area harbors.

June 17

Fathers’ Day Picnic at Waukegan Harbor

-Hal Shanafield

Reserved pavilion for grilling at Waukegan Harbor. Fun picnic event and possible sailing afterward.

June 22-24

Lake Mendota Summer Sailstice

-Co-cruise Captain Joe Rittner

-Need a co-cruise captain to help Joe

Long weekend trailer sail. This sail at Lake Mendota Wisconsin will include the Summer Sailstice on Saturday

June 23

Lake Michigan Summer Sailstice

-Northern harbors

-George and Sally Andersson

-Chicago harbors

-Larry Makowski

All harbor sail-get out and enjoy the beginning of Summer with the rest of the global sailing community from all the club boat owners’ harbors on Lake Michigan.

June 30

Moonlight sail

-Need cruise captain

Multi-harbor sail from all Chicago harbors. Come see the spectacular sunset colors, enjoy great food together and top the evening off with Fire Works off of Navy Pier

July 4

Open Sailing Date

-No cruise captain needed

For captains who plan to sail on this date. You will be able to list you’re availability with your boat on the web site

July 14

Kenosha I

-Bill Draver

Very popular NWSA harbor.

July 21

Start of the MAC sail

Need cruise captain


Watch the start of the race from the water. We will sail out of all Chicago harbors to watch the race.

July 26-29

Door County Sail

-Asayo Horibe

Stay at the Alpine Inn at Egg Harbor: make this your mini-vacation-the Cape Cod of the Midwest!!!!

July 28


Kenosha II sail

-Bill Draver

This may become the Winthrop Harbor Days Venetian Night sail if that event is occurring this year.

August 4

Waukegan sail

-Don Buell

- Brad Tilsch

Usually a warm Saturday afternoon sail with really pleasant wind. A backyard BBQ to follow

August 17,18

Air and Water Show sail

Need cruise captain

Come see the show from the water. Friday August 17 is the practice day without all the boat traffic on the lake. Most of us usually go out on Saturday, however.

August 17-19

Green Lake sail

-Bill Bushnell

Get your reservations for the Green Lake Conference Center ASAP. This is the ONLY WEEKEND they will still have room!!!!

August 25

Monroe/Montrose sail

-Needs a cruise captain


Anyone with a boat in ANY Chicago harbor can easily participate in this sail.

Sept 8-9

Lake Mendota Fall sail

-John Morris

-Brad Tilsch

There is a slight possibility this sail gets moved to September 15-16



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