Vice-Commodore Report: March 2018

I feel that everyone would agree that Don from Battery Service Corporation in Bensenville, was a very informative speaker. I found it interesting that you can bring in any battery, drop it off and they will run a full series of battery performance tests that will give you the actual condition of your battery. This is far more than the load test you get from most battery retailers and auto parts stores and they do this for free, whether you buy a battery from them or not. There were a lot of questions, and I think it made everyone think of subjects that they may have not considered.

This month, our speakers will be former member Ed and former commodore Sally Ballinger. They will be speaking and showing pictures of their journey from Chicago to Florida. I believe that there are a lot of sailors (myself included) that one day want to experience the freedom that the live aboard lifestyle, and living off the grid can provide. I am looking forward to seeing their presentation. —Wayne Smith