Vice Commodore’s Corner: August 2019

Ahoy mate! It has been a great July so far for sailing.  I hope everyone is getting out on their boat, or their friend’s boat, which is even better. It’s been a hot summer, but we’ve had some good winds so far.

This is a good time of the year to practice our man overboard drills. Probably one of the best things to practice with is a life preserver. You can just throw it overboard and see if you can retrieve it. There have been quite a few drownings in the Great Lakes this year, so the less time you spend in the water, the better off you are.

July’s topic, The Great Loop, was well received by our association. Hopefully there was some valuable information in there for everybody. My goal is that you are able to take away some valuable knowledge from our speakers, no matter how much experience you have.

This month, ice cream!

Next month, our speaker will be talking about composting toilets. Not something everybody loves to talk about and not something everybody wants to deal with either. It should be a great topic and there’s amazing new technology coming out for us boaters. I hope everybody has a fantastic August.

—Wayne Smith