Vice Commodore’s Corner: September 2019

Good day club members,

Sorry to say, the sailing season is winding down, but the lake level continues to rise. It’s nearly 6 feet above the level back in January 2013, which saw the lowest monthly average for any month since record­keeping began in 1918. Lake Michigan is so full of water that anyone under 33 years old has never seen the water level so high. And anyone under 101 years old has never seen it higher.

I am sure this water level change affects everyone differently. For some, the bridges are closer to the water now and some of the launches have changed, as they are a lot shorter or underwater now. For myself, being on a fixed pier for the first time this year, the step up onto the boat is much higher than previous years and we need a step stool now. Some of the beaches are shorter or gone now, as the water eats up feet of beaches.

With water levels about 16 inches above this time last year, the lake is wreaking watery havoc on boaters, anglers and properties along the shore. Extreme caution must be used around unfamiliar water, as some of the breakwaters, rocks and trees that were previously exposed, are now submerged or nearly submerged. So, as the season winds down, let’s be safe out there and have smooth sailing.

Vice Commodore

Wayne Smith

2019 Lake Michigan Water Level Record