Vice Commodore's Corner: Dec 2019

Happy Holidays to all!

Sadly, I am sure everyone’s boats are put away. At least those of us that weather the winter. Some are on stands and some are on trailers. Motors winterized, antifreeze pumped in to replace lake water for the winter. This is my least favorite time of boating season, and I’m sure everyone else’s as well. Now is a time to think about the projects that need done on our boats, and this is “the” year we will get them all done. : )

Well, if we want to get them done, now is a great time for planning. We can plan that new stereo system, or maybe, a new chart plotter, a painting project perhaps. Whatever your project may happen to be, know that there are always members willing to lend a hand or perhaps advice on your new project. One thing I have learned from my membership is that there are many years of experience within the club. This experience has always come in handy to me and many other members. I just want to thank all the members for sharing their wealth of knowledge with me and the other members. So, please give some thought to your projects or, if you are not a boat owner, reach out to assist a boat owner, as we always have projects and could always use a helping hand.

Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore