Vice Commodore's Corner: March 2020

[editor’s note: this article was written in late February, before Illinois levied shelter-in-place provisions on Friday, March 20th and NWSA cancelled activities.]

It has been a mild spring so far, and it was even milder in Florida for the Miami Boat Show. Gwen and I attended the event for our first time. We had a fantastic time, and it is something everyone who is interested in boating should do. We learned so much about new safety equipment, to innovations in boating technology and yacht building. I am happy that we brought some warm weather home with us.

The boat season is beginning, and all the bilges are thawing out, the ice has left the decks, and the cleanup for another year begins. Many hands make the load light, a wise man once said, and now is the time to reach out to the boat owners in the club and offer to lend a hand with spring cleanup or maintenance. Very soon all the boats will be in tip top shape and ready to take members sailing. It has been nice to see new members at the meetings, and some new members stepping up to take a leadership positions in the club.

Last month we had Commodore Marc speak on safety equipment & emergency procedures and I understand that it was very well received

This month we will have guest speakers from the Coast Guard Auxiliary, Tim and Bridget Darrey. They will be speaking about the training that the Coast Guard Auxiliary provides. I hope to see everyone at the March meeting!

- Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore