Fleet Captain Report: Mar 2020

[editor’s note: this article was written in late February, before Illinois levied shelter-in-place provisions on Friday, March 20th and NWSA cancelled activities.]

Our Sailing Planning Meeting, also known as the Skipper's Meeting, is scheduled for March 28th and sets the stage for our summer sailing and social events. As was mentioned at the January meeting, all of our social events were successfully held last year, but the sailing events took somewhat of a hit due to weather conditions and lack of interest in some of the longer distance and trailer boat sails. The Board will review the suggestions of members from last year to better accommodate the needs and interests of our membership. Your ideas for sailing/social events are always welcome!

The preliminary 2020 schedule will be presented at the April meeting, online and in the Communique. Sign-up for events this year will likewise be available online and at club meetings.

So, for now, remember to sign up for NWSA as a new (or renewing) member in preparation for the season ahead.

Sailing Planning Meeting / Skipper's Meeting
3/28/2020 from 11AM to 1PM
Durty Nellies @ 180 N. Smith Street in Palatine, IL
Food and drinks are available for purchase during the meeting

Boat owners and crew are encouraged to attend to help plan the 2020 Sailing Season!

Sign-up sheets for the sails will now be available at club meetings 2 months in advance of sails.

 - Lorraine Klabunde, 2020 Fleet Captain