Vice Commodore's Corner: May 2020

Happy May, club members!

Happy May, club members!It doesn’t do much good to talk about what we are going to do in the near future. Nobody really knows what that’s going to look like. I hope everybody’s staying healthy, keeping busy, and thinking ahead about socializing again in the future. I hope everyone is back to getting their boats ready for the upcoming season. I know that the Chicago harbors are not open yet, but hopefully soon. If everybody has a chance, pick up your membership directory and drop an email or call a club member to check on them to see how they’re doing. It gets exhausting being cooped up sometimes and just a word of encouragement might help.

Hopefully we will have more information for the upcoming season shortly. We did manage to get bottom paint on our boat last week and put a new hatch in. It should be two more weeks before we splash. The weather’s been very touch and go lately, so sailing wouldn’t have been the best lately around here anyways. I am in touch with some boaters that are stuck in the Caribbean and unable to go anywhere and need to have provisions delivered to their boats. If you haven’t had a chance lately, go on YouTube and watch some sailing videos to help inspire you. Hopefully we will see everybody soon. Until then, may you all have following seas and sail on a beam reach.

-Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore