Vice Commodore's Corner: June 2020

Happy June to Everyone!

As we slowly venture forth from our shelters, it is turning out to be a nice spring. On June 20th, I hope we will see a great summer. I hope everyone has been well and watching sailing videos to hone your skills & knowledge, prior to this year's sailing season. Everyone’s boats are slowly getting in the water.

I would like to welcome our guest speaker for June, Al Vilches, from Airhead Composting Toilets. These are a great upgrade to any marine head, eliminate the smell, and the need to pump out.

Last month's Zoom General Member Meeting went very well (see below) and club members seem to be happy with this format. Our Zoom Board Member Meetings have gone well too. I feel that we are bringing back sailing to the club as our primary goal ASAP.

Thank you for bearing with us.

-Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore