Fleet Captain Report: June 2020

As Spring wears on, we are preparing for the Summer 2020 sailing outings to occur. Although everything is tentative due to COVID, a list is being compiled of skippers who will be launching their boats and who would be interested in participating in either a flotilla sail or, if conditions allow, taking out crew.

A flotilla (by our current definition) consists of boats sailing within close proximity, but with a minimum number of people on board. The question of more extensive crew on board will be determined by the skipper's level of comfort and by official restrictions.

There seems to be a consensus that members would still want to participate in socializing after the sail, with obvious restrictions if necessary. We are wait and see for both Illinois and Wisconsin restrictions. If we're able to have eight to ten sails this year, that would be a considerable success and a mark of our resilience, ingenuity and good planning.

So, support the club, participate in the Zoom general membership meetings, and think of fair winds and following seas.

-Lorraine Klabunde, 2020 Fleet Captain