Commodore's Corner: December 2020

Wow! What a year. Usually we dread the year ending so soon, but this year we are celebrating it!

Although this year wasn’t what we were all hoping for, we as a club made the best of it. Even with restrictions, we still had about 8 sailing events. And thanks to Wayne, we transitioned our monthly meetings to Zoom. Although we would prefer seeing everyone in person while enjoying coffee and cookies (thanks Asayo & Trish), we still kept as much of the bond together as we could.

With vaccines on the immediate horizon, things are looking to be ready by summer next year.  So, unless something changes, we are going to sail forward with that goal in mind.

Since we couldn’t get together in person for a nice club dinner, we held a November Zoom meeting to present our annual awards. Wayne presented the winners of the photo contest and Lorraine gave us results of the sailing season. Congratulations to Casey Bezec and Pete Schleck who were our most active captains. And let’s thank all of the other captains and photographers for sharing their boats and memories with us this year.

At the November meeting we also had our election for the 2021 board. All of the board members volunteered to run again for next year. Thanks to the 2020 board for helping steer our club successfully through some rough weather this year. We also have one new addition to the board. Robbie Leighton volunteered for and was elected to our open Purser position. Thanks Robbie!

I hope everyone has a great holiday season. We all have a lot to be thankful for. So come New Year’s Eve, let’s look forward to and start planning our new year!

-Marc Holdwick, 2020 Commodore