Vice Commodore's Corner: June 2021

Happy June Club Members!

It’s been a month of work for Gwen and I. We’re trying to do all the upgrades to our new boat and still trying to sell our old boat. I wonder if we will have any time to sail this year! I hope we can get back to meeting in person with all of you soon and enjoy each other’s company.

I hope everyone enjoyed Gareth Stamm’s presentation on Towboat US. His talk was very eye-opening when it comes to salvage, towing and damage to boats. $30 off the first year of the gold towing membership is a great deal, considering the cost of towing!!  I hope there was some important information for the non-boat owners as well.

I hope to see all of you soon at a meeting or at a sail. Until then, please enjoy a sunset picture taken from our dock in Winthrop Harbor last weekend.

Have a great June!

-Wayne Smith, 2021 Vice Commodore

WH Sunset 2021