Vice Commodore's Corner: July 2021

Happy July Club Members!

We have finally arrived at the point where we can resume general meetings. This month’s meeting will be a great time to reconnect and meet new friends. This month was a good month to spend time with fellow club members and other sailing friends. This year has had its share of growing pains, and I am sure that the season will pan out with some very nice sailing opportunities.

What makes this club great is participation from all the members and suggestions for enhancements to the club. If any of the membership would like to help with the inner workings of the club, please contact any Board member or myself. All member positions could use a fresh set of eyes or ideas, and assistance.

So PLEASE, if you want to Skipper, sign up. If you Crew, sign up. And if you would like to be a Cruise Captain for any of the sails that don’t already have one, please let Lorraine know. (Remember, you do not even need to attend a sail in order to be a Cruise Captain for any of the sails.)

-Wayne Smith, 2021 Vice Commodore