Vice Commodore's Corner: February 2022

Ahoy February Club Members!

Although we’re now in the dead of winter, it’s not too early to start preparing for our upcoming sailing season. You can do this in a number of ways. First you can lay out your sailing gear to see if anything needs replacing. Are those sailing gloves tattered from last year’s wear and tear? Does the canister in your PFD need replacing? Do you have an emergency whistle attached to your PFD? Is your foul-weather gear adequate for early or late season sailing? Do you have a knife with a marlin spike that you carry with you when sailing? You never know when that can come in really handy.

Secondly, review the rules of the road for sailing, and remember the most important rule of all: never assume that the other boat is familiar with the rules of the road.

Thirdly, now is a good time to start your pre-season exercises to be ready and fit for the sailing season.

Lastly, for you boat owners you should begin focusing attention to inspecting and addressing any deficiencies regarding the engine, electrics, rigging, deck gear, sails, safety equipment and steering gear.

I will be in Florida this February.  While down there I will be taking some offshore cruising courses.  I look forward to sharing my training experience when I return in March.

Tom Steider, 2022 Vice Commodore