Vice Commodore's Corner: August 2021

Happy August, Club Members!

Seems like we are over halfway through the summer. We are still moving forward with our live NWSA club meetings. It was great to see everyone at our meeting last month and catch up!

We have been busy getting our boat ready for our annual lake crossing to Michigan. Radar and sail steer are new to us this year, and make for a safer, smoother sail for sure! We had a great time in Holland, and we did end up spending an extra 3 days in Muskegon because of the unpredictable lake. In the past, I used to like doing lake crossings overnight. But this year Gwen convinced me to wake up early and leave at 4 am instead, and 11 hours later we were in Holland. I have to say that it was way better; we still got a full night of sleep and were not exhausted on the other side!

I would like to thank all the volunteers that make this club possible, and all the skippers that offer their knowledge, and sailboats for the use of the club, without any reimbursement. Thank you, and I look forward to seeing you all soon!

-Wayne Smith, 2021 Vice Commodore

Crossing Wayne GwenDockingFlowchart