Commodore's Corner: February 2022


Happy February club members, 

I received my launch packet from Skipper Buds last week, so that means spring is almost here, and with spring comes new opportunities. Opportunities to help other Skippers with their de-winterization projects, perhaps some bright work, fix that loose cleat, look into that pesky drip that leaks every time it rains hard. 

Another new opportunity is planning upcoming sails, and looking at your summer schedule, to see what weekends you will be free to sail and planning to figure a week for a lake crossing, or a coastal cruise. Perhaps a trip to the Bahamas or ports unknown is in your future sailing itinerary.

Whatever the future holds for please keep the club members in mind, as we literally have hundreds of years of sailing experience in our club. Although some of our members are no longer sailing, they are a great resource, and chances are that there has been a member that has experience with anything you can think up. Our members are truly our greatest resource, and I am excited for our upcoming season. 

If any member of the club needs anything, feel free to contact me or any board member, and if we cannot answer your questions, we will steer, or tack you in the right direction of a board member that handles that area.  -Wayne Smith, 2022 Commodore