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Vice Commodore's Corner: February 2020

It’s so nice to see so many new faces at the meeting. That’s a definite sign that the club is growing and there is interest in the club. I have not been a member as long as many of the other club members, but I feel that the club has a very bright future. There seems to be an interest in sailing still, as there is definitely an online presence that is gaining a lot of traction. Thank you to everyone that has provided suggestions for upcoming meetings! I will do my best to fulfill the needs of the club. Within the next month I will be sending out a survey that’s put together by the entire board. The survey will provide a barometer for upcoming events and gauge interest within the club. Please provide input to all the club board members, as we are here to serve you. Only a few months we'll be back in the water and sailing again. I’m looking forward to a fantastic year of sailing with all of you!

- Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore


Great Turnout for Guest Speaker - Captain Brain Earle

Thank you to Captain Brain Earle from Sea Safaris Sailing School for presenting at our January club meeting. We had a great turnout!! Captain Brian spoke about the different types of certifications needed to sail and different types of seminars/classes to prepare you for any type of sailing. For more information on any of the topics, ASA Certifications, classes/seminars (including women-only classes) or for general questions, feel free to contact Brian at:

Captain Brian Earle
Sea Safaris Sailing School
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Vice Commodore's Corner: January 2020

I hope everyone has been enjoying their winter; at least it’s been a mild winter. I’m very excited about our first guest speaker in January. This is the instructor that I started with, Brian Earle from Sea Safaris. He's a wealth of knowledge! I have several other speakers lined up in 2020, and if anyone has more suggestions, please feel free to contact me by email, phone or text.

I would say the Sail Show was a success, as we have a whole new list of prospective members (99 to be exact!!)

I would like to thank everyone for their patience as the board members go through a transitional period. We have some catching up to do, but I’m very confident in the current board members.

I’m looking forward to a great summer full of sailing and socialization with other club members. Now as we prepare for the new season, we can all hope for warm, sunny, windy days. Thank you for the time that everybody puts into the club!

- Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore


Vice Commodore's Corner: Dec 2019

Happy Holidays to all!

Sadly, I am sure everyone’s boats are put away. At least those of us that weather the winter. Some are on stands and some are on trailers. Motors winterized, antifreeze pumped in to replace lake water for the winter. This is my least favorite time of boating season, and I’m sure everyone else’s as well. Now is a time to think about the projects that need done on our boats, and this is “the” year we will get them all done. : )

Well, if we want to get them done, now is a great time for planning. We can plan that new stereo system, or maybe, a new chart plotter, a painting project perhaps. Whatever your project may happen to be, know that there are always members willing to lend a hand or perhaps advice on your new project. One thing I have learned from my membership is that there are many years of experience within the club. This experience has always come in handy to me and many other members. I just want to thank all the members for sharing their wealth of knowledge with me and the other members. So, please give some thought to your projects or, if you are not a boat owner, reach out to assist a boat owner, as we always have projects and could always use a helping hand.

Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore’s Corner: September 2019

Good day club members,

Sorry to say, the sailing season is winding down, but the lake level continues to rise. It’s nearly 6 feet above the level back in January 2013, which saw the lowest monthly average for any month since record­keeping began in 1918. Lake Michigan is so full of water that anyone under 33 years old has never seen the water level so high. And anyone under 101 years old has never seen it higher.

I am sure this water level change affects everyone differently. For some, the bridges are closer to the water now and some of the launches have changed, as they are a lot shorter or underwater now. For myself, being on a fixed pier for the first time this year, the step up onto the boat is much higher than previous years and we need a step stool now. Some of the beaches are shorter or gone now, as the water eats up feet of beaches.

With water levels about 16 inches above this time last year, the lake is wreaking watery havoc on boaters, anglers and properties along the shore. Extreme caution must be used around unfamiliar water, as some of the breakwaters, rocks and trees that were previously exposed, are now submerged or nearly submerged. So, as the season winds down, let’s be safe out there and have smooth sailing.

Vice Commodore

Wayne Smith

2019 Lake Michigan Water Level Record

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