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Vice Commodore's Corner: February 2021

Happy February Club Members!

While we are all chilling in the frigid weather, I found an article that I thought I would share about some that are still sailing in our area today, as I write this. I shudder to think of it but, I am speaking of Ice Sailors. I have never tried it, but it looks fun and exhilarating! You can read it in the Jan/Feb Communique.

I would like to thank Phil Pollard of Crowley's Yacht Yard for his informative presentation on "all things inflatable PFD". He was kind enough to share his PowerPoint with our group, which is posted on our website. If you need to get ahold of Phil, he can be reached at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We have also sent out the recording of the meeting to all paid members, in case you missed it.

Our general club meetings will continue to be held via Zoom on the third Monday of every month through 2021. The link and meeting ID will be the same for every meeting. PLEASE MARK YOUR CALENDARS & SAVE THIS INFORMATION FOR FUTURE MEETINGS:

Meeting ID: 811 6579 8529

Enjoy the article and I will see you all in the future!

Stay warm!

-Wayne Smith, 2021 Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore's Corner: December 2020

Happy December Club Members!

With news of a new virus vaccine, it looks like this pandemic will be over eventually. I want to thank everyone for coming to all of the Zoom meetings and participating in the conversations. If you have been unable to attend the meetings, we have been sending the meeting recording links out each month. If anyone has been having trouble accessing those recordings, please let me know.

We’ve had some very interesting speakers over the last year, in spite of not being able to meet face to face. I want to thank everyone for your participation in the meetings, it was nice being able to catch up with everyone. I look forward to 2021 when we can all meet face to face.

Thank you to everyone who submitted pictures for the photo competition in 2020. I know it was a little strange to do online voting this year and I appreciate the participation from club members. I would like to congratulate the winners from this year’s event. The winners are listed in the Communique and those photos will be posted on the NWSA homepage.

Last month it was a little sad for our boat owners to put the boat’s away, but May will be here before we know it! If you are looking for ways to increase your knowledge during the winter months, I would suggest some of the online classes though ASA. YouTube also has a plethora of learning videos.

For now, we’ll continue our Zoom meetings on the third Monday of each month using the same link. I hope to see everyone there. If you have any speaker suggestions, please send me their contact information.

Be Safe!

-Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore's Corner: October 2020

Happy October Everybody!

This is the month for our annual photo contest. This year, we will do an online photo contest. Please submit your photos by Oct 31st to Gwen Brodeur at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. in a JPEG format. Remember the categories are: Bloopers, Old Salt, Best Sunrise/Sunset, Under Sail, Best Boat Name, Scenic, and Best Group Shot.

If you’re unable to do that, you could mail them to me or drop them off at my house and I can scan them in. Voting will be done online this year starting on November 1st and will be completed by November 14th. The winners will be announced at our November General Club Meeting via Zoom on 11/16.  

As everybody begins putting their boats away for the winter, please keep in mind that there are some that could use assistance. Feel free to reach out to members that may need help, or if you’re a boat owner please reach out to membership for assistance.

I can’t wait to see all your wonderful pictures. If you have any questions, feel free to contact me and I will attempt to provide you with assistance. Thank you and good luck!

-Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore

Vice Commodore's Corner: September 2020

Happy September club members,

I was very grateful for Sarah Pederson (see photo), our August guest speaker. Sarah provided insight into the dangers of falling overboard at night, and her lessons learned. I know that I have made some changes to my personal safety gear because of her message.

Now is the time to start gathering your favorite pictures for the October Photo Contest, which will be here shortly. More info will be posted on the NWSA website and via member email blast soon!

I was the Cruise Captain for the August 22nd sails and we had a great turn out, with lots of people sailing that day. See the sail reports in our Communique for more details of all the club’s sails in August.

-Wayne Smith, 2020 Vice Commodore