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Fleet Captain Report: Nov/Dec 2017

All in all we had some really pleasant sailing opportunities this year though the beginning of the season got off to a slow start with several sails being cancelled due to erratic weather such as too much or too little wind or thunderstorms. Then, late in the season, we had an abrupt finish as several more sails got cancelled due mostly to schedule conflicts of would be participants for the last 3 sails of the season. In all 8 of 23 sails were cancelled, or roughly 1/3 of the season. Last year only one sail was cancelled, but the year before that 5 were cancelled, so you can never tell exactly what will happen.

Most Active Captain Award (MAC Award)
Last year we had 30 people participate with their boat that was moored or docked on Lake Michigan. This year only 14 were active in 1 or more sails. At the end of year banquet in November an award was given out to George and Sally Andersson for bringing their boat to the most NWSA event sails. George and Sally brought their beautiful newly acquired 32 foot Catalina this year that was docked in Kenosha Harbor to a whopping 7 sails!!!! Congratulations George and Sally!!!!They were given a plaque in honor of being the most active captains in the club for the 2017 season.

West Marine Gift Card Recipients:
The following is a list of boat owners who brought their boat to 3 or more sails for 2017. These skippers were given $25 West Marine gift cards at the banquet:

Name Boat Name Number of Sails
George and Sally Andersson September Song 7
Larry Makowski Sea Hawk 5
Gayle and Jim Booth Penny Lane 3
Bill and Peggy Draver kerplunk! 3
Rich Kingdon Impetuous 3

The full list of participating boat owners also includes: Tony Campo, Debbie Garrity, Chuck Litgen, Peter and Mary Jane Schleck, Bill and Linda Seger, Don and Jan Buell, Casey Bezec, Wayne Smith and Ron Shenfeld, and Rich and Dorothy Sommers. Thank you all for so generously sharing your boat with the club!!!!!

Special Honor:
Next, we want to give special honor to club member Rich Reed, who dedicated his boat, called the ‘I_l_l_u_m_i_n_a_t_o_r_’, his time, and his knowledge to instruct a crew of ladies known as the ‘Illumiladies’ to handle and take full control of his boat, the Illuminator, a 45’ Nelson/Marsk Morgan 454, which is moored at Monroe Harbor.
Weekly, he assigned each of the ladies to various crew positions of helm, mast, and bow. The helm crew was responsible for switching on the instruments, chart plotter, checking and recording the fuel, water, oil, and coolant. The mast crew prepared the halyard and main sheets, reefing lines and the fenders, if necessary, and the bow crew prepared the roller furling, jib sheets and jib halyard, as well as the bow lines. The ladies took complete control, including, but not limited to, tying up to the can, fueling dock and pump-out station, and also adding coolant and oil.
His instruction contributed to the success in helping these ladies to become competent sailors and the whole club thanks him for his efforts in helping these ladies become more competent sailors.

Cruise Captains
Finally, I want to thank all of the cruise captains who so generously donated their talents and time to organize the 15 successful events for the 2017 season. We couldn’t have done any of them without you!!!!
Marc Holdwick-1 event, Hal Shanafielf-1 event, John Morris-1 event, Joe Rittner-1 event, Mike Saavedra-2 events, George and Sally Andersson-2 events, Burt and Lorraine Klabunde-2 events, Bill and Peggy Draver-2 events, Asayo Horibe-1 event, Don Buell-1 event, Tom Vieria-1 event, Dave and Kate Strachan-1 event, and Ty Liles- 1 event.
All the Cruise Captains were given Certificates of Appreciation at our banquet in November. If any of you were not there to receive your certificate(s) I will bring them to our first general meeting in January.

Lord Bless!!!

Fleet Captain Report: October 2017

When you get this Communique it will be October already!!! It took a while for the season to get here, but once it did we experienced some really pleasant sailing. September would have started out with an Across the Lake sail organized by Pete Schleck for over the Labor Day weekend, but he had to cancel, because his boat was damaged by lightning.

Then, Dave and Kate Strachan hosted a sail out of Kenosha on September 9th. I was not able to participate in that sail, so I don’t know how it went. I just know it was quite chilly that day. Look for Dave and Kate Strachan’s write up later in this Communique.

Our September 16th sail out of Racine was outstanding. We enjoyed fabulous summer-like weather and ideal sailing conditions. There was also a wonderful shrimp boil dinner at the yacht club afterwards. Read about the Racine sail here on Page 9.

We originally had planned a second sail to Lake Mendota from September 22-24, but the skippers participating in that sail had to postpone the sail to October 6-8, due to schedule conflicts.

For October, our Lake Geneva “Frostbite” sailwas scheduled for Oct 7th, but because our only active trailer sailors will be up at Lake Mendota that weekend I cancelled the Frostbite sail.

We will hopefully still have our “Fall Color” sail on October 21st. We still need cruise captains for this last sail of the season at Lake Geneva so please, please contact me if you’re able to organize this sail at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. We don’t want to have to cancel this sail!!!

I want to thank all of our NWSA skippers for all of the events they’ve made their boats available for this year- Thank you very much!!! I also want to thank all of our cruise captains who tirelessly organized the planned events throughout our entire season-Thank you all so much!!!!

Fair winds and calm seas!!!!!

Mike Saavedra
Fleet Captain

Fleet Captain Report: September 2017

For the 2017 sailing season we were over all off to a slow start with erratic weather such as heavy thunder storms, to too much wind, or not enough wind. In June two Lake Michigan sails were cancelled, one because of weather, and one for lack of boats. Also, an across the lake sail that was being planned by Pete Schleck for Labor Day weekend also had to be cancelled due to Pete’s boat being damaged as well as a lack of other boats.

As far as trailer sails go one Lake Geneva sail was cancelled, one sail fizzled out after an hour with no wind, and the Summer Sailstice up at Lake Mendota had excessive wind. Then in August the Green Lake sail had to be cancelled due to lack of boats.

The good news is that the weather improved through July and August with somewhat sunny skies and light to moderate winds. Hopefully the trend will continue throughout September and October as we still have 5 events to go for our sailing season:

September 9 Kenosha II

September 16 Racine Shrimp Boil

September 22-24 Lake Mendota II

October 7 Lake Geneva “Frostbite sail”

October 21 Lake Geneva “Fall Color sail”

A few notes:

So far we only have one boat for the Kenosha II sail, so we can accommodate the 5 people that signed up to crew, but if you’re able to bring a boat to this sail please contact Dave or Kate Strachan the co-cruise captains for the sail.

For the Racine Shrimp Boil sail there are slips available if you’d like to sail up the night before, or stay the night after the sail. Contact Ty Liles, the cruise captain. Also, you need to contact Ty Liles for admission to the shrimp boil.

We still need cruise captains for the last two sails of the season at Lake Geneva so please, please contact me if you’re able to organize one of these sails at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. . We don’t want to have to cancel either of these sails!!!

Lord bless!!!!

Mike Saavedra

Fleet Captain

Fleet Captain Report: August 2017

The month of July certainly was better sailing weather than June with rather nice temperatures but somewhat light wind, and less rain, at least on the days we had sails.

Looking ahead to August is our Waukegan sail on August 5th which almost always is good sailing conditions, and a BBQ to follow at the Buell’s house to which all club members are invited even if you don’t sail that day.

Saturday August 12th is the North Point sail. If you’d like to participate, but you belong to another harbor, the cruise captains George and Sally Andersson can get you a slip for free the night before or after the sail. Just contact them.

Unfortunately the Green Lake sail on Aug 18-20 got cancelled. Bill Bushnell worked really hard to make this sail happen, but just couldn’t get enough boats.

Thanks to Thomas Vieria we now have a cruise captain for the Air and Water Show sail on Saturday Aug 19th. Thank you Tom!!!!! So far only 3 people are signed up for that sail, so don’t wait, sign up today!!!

Also, if you’re able to bring a boat I want to encourage you to join Pete Schleck and Rich Reed for the Across the Lake Labor Day sail on Sept 1-4 to South Haven, Michigan. Pete’s worked really hard on this sail and knows South Haven accommodations really well.

Finally I want to encourage everyone to be safe and always wear a PFD especially if you are going forward on deck, and to bring gloves to get a better grip on lines, as well as to avoid rope burns. Also try to make the most of every opportunity to learn and/or teach sail trim, knots, coiling line, and how to start the engine, since every boat is different, as well as use the radio. Let’s be safe, have fun, and learn some new things this month of August!!!

Mike Saavedra

Fleet Captain

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