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Fleet Captain Report: October 2019

Ahoy, for the last time in 2019. As slowly as the sailing season began, the Summer and early Fall days sped by and we have now arrived at the final two sails of the season. The sailing events on Oct. 5 and Oct. 19 will both take place on Lake Geneva and have space at this time for additional crew. October is looking like a warmer than usual month this year, so make the most of these final opportunities and the Fall color in southern Wisconsin.

I’d like to thank all of our cruise captains, boat owners, and crew who enjoyed many memorable sails and companionship this year. Fourteen of our members shared their boats for close to twenty sails and eleven members donated their time as cruise captains to organize the sails. As a volunteer organization, the generosity of these members can never be overstated or over appreciated. Thank you!

I look forward to incorporating many of the ideas suggested at our September general membership meeting for improving various aspects of the sail sign-up and organization, and communication among all parties involved in the individual sails. I thank you for those ideas and suggestions and am always open to new ideas.

Have an enjoyable winter and think Spring thoughts.

Lorraine Klabunde

Fleet Captain Report: August 2019

Midway through our NWSA sailing season, we’re finally able to put the cold, rain, and disruptive weather from our early sail dates in June behind us and hopefully look forward to favorable seas and winds in August and September.

Since the last Fleet Captain report, although five sails were scheduled, only two actually took place; the Kenosha sail 1 and the Start of the Mac sail. No one signed up for the OPEN July 4 sail, the July 13 Hook sail and the Green Lake sail were cancelled due to lack of a Cruise Captain and crew interest, and the Kenosha to Racine sail due to the extreme heat warnings.

We are still looking for a cruise captains for the Lake Mendota Fall sail September 7-8.

The Kenosha sail TOTALLY lacked for wind and the Mac sail was perfect. We have some great sails and social events coming up, so, please, sign up. Of our current 136 members, only 16 crew members have signed up for sails so far this summer.

I’d like to thank the eight cruise captains and six sailboat owners who have contributed to the success of our sails so far this summer. So, winter will soon be upon us (forgive my forward thinking). NOW is the time to sign up for the sails, meet some new friends, and learn more about sailing and seamanship.

Fair winds and following seas.

—Lorraine Klabunde

Fleet Captain Report: July 2019

Ahoy! -With the rain receding and the temperatures warming, our sails are finally underway. Although a few sails were cancelled in June due to weather, the Shake Down was challenging but accomplished and the Summer Sailstice sails went well-think blue skies and a fair wind-(and, as I write, we’re keeping our deck shoes crossed for much of the same for the first Kenosha sail.) The Father’s Day Family picnic was likewise somewhat challenging but everyone had a great time.

As for the upcoming July and August sails, we are hoping that more club members will volunteer as cruise captains. The following sails are still in need of cruise captains:7/13. Start of Hook race (cancelled); 7/20, Kenosha to Racine sail (Thanks Ty!), 7/19-22, Green Lake sail (cancelled); 8/9-11, West Coast to Port Washington; Green lake, 8/16-19, and West Shore to Milwaukee, 8/30-9/2. These sails will be cancelled unless cruise captains can be recruited. Remember, you don’t have to be a boat owner to be a cruise captain and many members are available to help, if this would be your first time volunteering for this position.

So, we all need each other to enjoy the remainder of the summer sailing season. Here’s to red skies at night.

—Lorraine Klabunde

Editor's note: updated to reflect Hook & Green Lake cancellations.

Fleet Captain Report: April 2019

Only two more months and we’ll be hoisting the NWSA sails. Our first sail is scheduled for May 18 at Lake Geneva, the weather gods willing.

There are still slots open for cruise captains so we need your help. You do not have to be a boat owner to sign up. This is a great way for crew to meet other members, get an insight into the inner workings of the NWSA, and participate in this VOLUNTEER organization. A seasoned member will work hand in hand with a new cruise captain to assure that everything runs smoothly.

Established members of the club are ready to answer any questions you may have. So, I hope everyone gets on board for the 2019 season.

—Lorraine Klabunde

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